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by Lawrence Leaman – www.emeritusprofessorwithgrammyawards.net. Friday 1 August, 6pm 3 hour drum waltz solo
by Simon Davenport, performed by Sam Riviere. Saturday 16 August, 12 to 6pm “A book reading by Art Garfunkel” by Lawrence Leaman, performed by Niall Henn.

Simon Davenport describes his project for OUTPOST as an imagined or projected sequence of events, which becomes
perceptible through a combination of physical processes. Contained within the architecture of the gallery his scenario
- a sublime environment, assembled in a hurry – will comprise a tall and narrow stage, reaching above head height to
the level of the building’s supporting girders; a waterfall from the mezzanine floor falling in to a moulded plastic
pond lining only to be pumped back up again; a mechanised object (whose exact form is yet to be disclosed) will
stand alone at the entrance of the space; and a warm, mist filled air.

Davenport’s practice pursues lines of flight that depart from recognisable aspects of contemporary culture. His
projects are delivered with an improvised aesthetic, where the appearance of the installed objects and stage props is
often subordinate to their performative function.

In affirmation of “the imagined scenario” which his show invokes, Davenport has invited others to offer alternative
series of events. On Saturday 16th August, a scenario by Lawrence Leaman, titled A book reading by Art Garfunkel,
will proceed from 12 to 6pm, incorporating a performance by Niall Henn. A publication titled Grand Percussion by
Simon Davenport and Lawrence Leaman will accompany the show and will be available from 1 August at OUTPOST.

Simon Davenport studied for his BA in Fine Art at the Norwich School of Art and Design. Since graduating in 2006
he has lived and worked in Norwich. He previously made up one half of art duo Romance Romance, performing at
the Art Car Boot Fair, 2006. He founded Oliver Cromwell Televisuals (a free-to-air internet television channel) for
Contemporary Art Norwich 2007 and has shown his own moving image work at the Rotterdam VHS Festival 2008.
He recently took part in Voewood At Home, a Kaavous–Bhoyroo project.

Artist's Website // Publication by Simon Davenport & Lawrence Leaman // Press Release



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