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Isvan Csakany / Krisztian Krisztof / Beatrix Szorenyi
















This show brings together three artists based in Budapest in a collaborative show that binds each artist’s respective practice in a new context. The second half of the project will take place at The Gallery, Norwich University College of the Arts, where the work of Polish artists; Karolina Kowalska, Roza Janiszewska, and Zorka Wollny will be shown.


Upon entering the OUTPOST space the audience are confronted with a large wall, hiding a complex structure. The surface of the wall extends into Szorenyi’s carpet work Is It A Value?, the content of which contains a text work reinforcing notions surrounding nationality, proximity and the difficulties surrounding language barriers and communication in an age of hyper communication. These readings are further supported by the inclusion of two emblems recalling regimental crests. The inclusion of Csakany’s juxtaposed images, one depicting the exterior of the structure otherwise hidden to the audience and another showing the mounting of the Pál Pátzay Snakekiller monument in Budapest, mirrors these ideas, calling into question the place of man and his politics.


There are a number of roller boards situated in this first third of the gallery. Each audience member is encouraged to use these rollers to negotiate the structure and begin to engage with artworks as they are discovered. This process of disorientation has been emphasised by the slight blurring of ownership around the artworks. Collaboration has been a key interest for Csakany, Szorenyi and Krisztof and the ominous construction that houses Krisztof’s uncanny sound work bears no one artists name nor leaves any clues to its ownership. The dialogue between the artists is manifested in this installation whereby the OUTPOST space acts as venue for conversation and adventure.



EASTgoesEast is the off year project formed by EASTinternational in collaboration with Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow and Trafo Gallery, Budapest. The project looks at artist led activity in three cities across Europe (Budapest, Norwich, Krakow) - Each one hosting the other two for an exhibition.












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