Andrew Marsh

Andrew Marsh

Siege music is the practice of playing loud rock music at occupants of buildings under siege and is an ongoing theme in Andrew Marsh's work. He explores the music that is played by military psychological operation units at contemporary sieges such as Panama and Waco. Tracks such as Billy Ray Cyrus' 'Achy Breaky Heart¹ were played at the Waco siege in an attempt to make the individuals under siege surrender. 

Parallels can be drawn between this act and the practice of teenagers locking themselves in their bedrooms and playing loud music to annoy their parents. This could be seen as a reverse use of siege music. Marsh's interest is positioned in the use of music as a form of weaponry. 

It is these issues that are addressed in the new work shown at OUTPOST

Upon entering the gallery the audience is confronted with a speaker wall and has to navigate their way past loud rock music to enter the space.

One wall of the space contains posters designed by the artist with the lyrics of the songs played at sieges. These posters are pasted to the wall in the way a teenager might decorate his or her bedroom. 

On the opposite wall are two posters of the bands who have been played in siege scenarios. Upon close inspection these posters are embossed with one of the psychological operations units motifs. 

This repetition of imagery and motifs throughout the show reflects the repetition tactic used in sieges where the same song is played repeatedly for hours on end. 

Siege Tracks 

Behind The Crooked Cross 

You¹re No Good 
Linda Ronstadt 

These Boots Are Made For Walkin 
Nancy Sinatra 

Achy Breaky Heart¹ 
Billy Ray Cyrus 

I Fought The Law And The Law Won 
The Clash 

Nowhere To Run 
Martha And The Vandellas 

Hair Of The Dog (Now You¹re Messin¹ With A SOB) 

I¹m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down 
Paul Young 

If I Had A Rocket Launcher 
Bruce Cockburn 



Andrew Marsh

Andrew Marsh