OUTPOST members are invited to contribute to Minits 4, a collaborative video essay project organized by the MFI Group based at Flat Time House, London, as part of Peckham Artist Moving Image 2012.

Responses are requested in the form of short videos, that will be collected into non-linear steams, to be presented online and at Flat Time House from 20 - 23 September. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 4 September.

1. The Project

Over the past twelve months the MFI Group, based at Flat Time House, has held monthly critical discussion around a number of themes. As a conclusion to the current groups research they are presenting a non-linear video stream in response to selected topics as part of PAMI 2012. The project mirrors the MFI group's approach to a conversation, where peer-led discussions take a non-hierarchical exploratory form, valuing the process as much as any conclusions. As a result, the MFI group has asked a number of equivalent ‘groups’, including OUTPOST Members and Eastside Projects' Graduate Associates to contribute to this conversation.

2. The Event

Following an open call to OUTPOST members and Eastside Projects' Graduate Associates, four video essays will be presented at Flat Time House, London during Peckham Artist Moving Image (PAMI) festival 20th - 23rd September 2012, and streamed online for the duration of the festival. One of four different moving image essays will be screened each day at Flat Time House and online, comprising a number of short videos selected from the open-call.

3. The Topics

For Minits 4, OUTPOST Members are invited respond to the following two topics, previously used by the MFI Group as discursive themes, and the attached material collected around them:


When discussing this theme, the MFI group started by considering nostalgia in relation to arrangement and form in artworks, thinking particularly about assemblages and installations. MFI group were prompted by the possibility that the notion of nostalgia implies a physical, rather than temporal, displacement. In this light nostalgia suggests emptiness, an impulse towards narrative and a longing for a subjective relationship with things and their place.


Frustration has been considered by the MFI Group in a number of its forms; that experienced in studio practice, in art education and all manner of frustrations present in the experience of particular artworks. Whether employed by artists as a deliberate strategy to engage a viewer, or emerging as an indication of failure in a work, or experienced as a painful but possibly valuable aspect of the making process, frustration found a mixed reception.

4. The Format

OUTPOST members are invited to use these suggested themes of Nostalgia and Frustration as a creative point of departure, interrogating the multifarious connotations of these terms through moving-image responses.

Submissions must take the form of mp4 format, with a preference for 16:9 aspect ratio. Members can submit up to 5 video works each, specifying which theme is being addressed in the work, accompanied by an artist’s statement and a current CV. Works should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long. Please email submissions to questions with ‘PAMI Submission’ in the subject title, using a file transfer service such as WeTransfer. A total of 10 moving image responses will finally be co-selected by the MFI Group and OUTPOST steering committee.


5. The About Section

The MFI group is a discussion and study group that has been meeting at Flat Time House since October 2011. Group membership was awarded to selected recent graduates of Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Schools of Art. Informal monthly meetings provide an opportunity to develop ideas and question methods of artistic practice within a supportive peer-led environment. Reflecting John Latham's wide range of interests, recent debate has ranged across science, economics and philosophy. The name of the MFI Group comes from Latham's description of formal education as the Mental Furniture Industry.

Flat Time House is the former home and studio of the late British artist John Latham. It has been open to the public since October 2008 with a programme of exhibitions and events, and as an archive and research centre.

PAMI (Peckham Artist Moving Image) is an initiative to highlight moving image artwork, made by an international selection of artists, in a five-day programme of exhibitions and events across Peckham. It runs from 20-23rd September with an opening celebration on Wednesday 19th.