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Stuffs Getting Better
Jonny Aldous

11a Ipswich Road
9-10th July 

An optimistic slogan of promises to reassure passers by the stuff is indeed getting better. 

Mandi Roberts
Tricia Addison

Hall Road Laundromat
9-24th July 24/7
9am-9pm Laundromat opening hours. 

Mandi Roberts exhibits a lace-curtain pattern abstracted through enlargement and transferred onto the Hall Road Laundromat window. 

Tricia Addison presents black and white hand printed photographs; which elevate a small incident that happened as a kind of poetic 'fallout' from the bigger, more deliberate everyday movements of the artists' family. 

Over the Highway
Naomi Kinnear King
Sam Avery

284 King Street (white house up the steps)
9-10th July 12-5pm

A collection of illustrations and paintings with humorous, gothic kitsch appeal 

The Ranch
Jenny Sparks

35 Thorpe Road
9-10th July 12-8pm
Preview Thursday 7th, 7-10pm. BBQ and projections.

This site is the home of seven students and graduates of NSAD. This event is the result of a collective effort to turn the spaces in the house that are normally used in transition, into exhibition areas. The work includes drawing, photography and sculpture produced by residents of the house as well as guests. 

Above and Below
Gary O'Conner

Norwich Cathedral.
Performance: 9th July 2005 3pm
12th-21st July 2005 TuesÐThurs 9.30-4.30

Gary O'Connor's response to this medieval site has evolved into two pieces of work. Above describes an impossible external climb of the Cathedral by the artist, while Below describes an exploration of the building at ground level with some interesting encounters. 

contact: 07876152951 / imi_oc@hotmail.com / www.garyoc.net 

Margaret Field

9-10th July
upstairs Take 5, Tombland

The artists' work is a take on the "Masters", sending up their aesthetics and feminine specificity. They are deliberate reproductions changing the gender with images of contemporary female icons, which in turn challenge art history. The faces of todayÕs "celebrities" are removed from today's media, and transported into the past. There is room in arts for a sense of humour juxtaposed with melancholy, the sad to the absurd, with all the shades of grey in-between. 

Artists in the Church
9-10th July
St Peter Hungate Church, Elm Hill 

7 artists exhibiting. 

Claire Beale
Prints and embosses
A preoccupation with domestic objects and space drives the work. The use of real everyday materials, in this case domestic vinyl flooring is central. The vinyl is something that could be present in everyone's home. The engraved herring bone floor is taken from a gallery space and this transcendence from private to public space, emphasised by the placement in a disused church and museum, draws the viewer to look more closely at their habitual surroundings. 

Emma Cooper
Photographs on canvas 

Sarah Coleman
Installation in the Church
Installation made up of laminate flooring, some fairy lights, MDF, worktop surfaces, and the odd pallet, adorned with the likes of wallpaper, fabric and sticky-backed plastic... The existing space in the church is transformed: a flat-pack new space is assembled. 

I have been exploring the extended field of painting and making flat-pack installations using a wide range of commodities. 

Paul Hurley
Video projection on sidewall at the altar of the church. Performance recorder on video, Paul playing the piano on the end of a pier. 

The Hive
Arturo Limbo

Triptych propped up against the wall in a corner. 

Sheila Middleton
Exhibition series comprising of 3 paintings
Paintings are like wallpaper patterns. 

Biddy Rychnovsky
Knitted jumpers, knitted booties, knitted hat, knitted chair and some knitting materials. One of the jumpers is an interactive piece where the viewer can remove notes from the pockets. 

The Terminal Beach
Warehouse (behind Ten Bells Pub)
Ten Bells Lane
3rd-10th July 12-6pm
Private view 9th July 6-9pm
Admission free 

A group show of new work by artist members of OUTPOST gallery who practice in the areas of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and installation. The Terminal Beach is the title of a J.G. Ballard short story. Ballard's style of writing analogizes with the ideas and themes of the work exhibited; there is a sense of time relating to the past, the present and the future throughout the exhibition. Moments, feelings and thoughts are captured and fossilised. 

Neil Baker
Ben Brett
Coco Crampton
Kieran Drury
Tugba Gursoy
Chris Jackson
Rebecca Roscorla

Townley Wright

Chalpelfield Gardens
Sun 10th July 11.30am-2.30pm 

in/out:trolley - a wooden construction on wheels with several apertures, doors, drawers and openings on all sides Ð is a mobile interactive work. 

The trolley will travel around Chapelfield Gardens, leaving letters addressed to the public on park benches. As the trolley continues its perpetual journey around the gardens, the public can engage with and contribute work to the trolley using a provided supply of simple stationary materials or by responding to the letters received on the benches. Objects, letters or drawings for example can be posted into the trolley or previously posted works can be removed and added to. 

in/out:trolley will travel to different sites and communities; the archive of posted material will be retained, documented and serve as research materials for the artists. The work explores the interrelationship of information exchange through time, systems and sequence. 

Caroline Wright 07970 715839 / carolineart@hotmail.com
Anna Townley 01603 664191 /annatownley@care4free.net 

10 pks_to
Dan Tombs

Johnson Place, Vauxhall Street
Sunday 10th July (showing begins at dusk)

Rear video projection from third floor flat: (best viewed from roundabout) 

My work engages the obsolete, the forgotten, and the maligned. I take some of the earliest video games technology and manipulate the core circuitry by modifying the components from different machines as well as adding some of my own, creating hybrid machines that reroute the signal flow through the circuits creating chaos, anarchy and disorder. 

I orchestrate this state of disarray by recording the video output from the machines; I mix, sample and structure to form a constant stream of images forming wild manifestations of colour and shape. 

Dan's work is on show at EAST international 05 at the Norwich Gallery >20/08/05 

11 Postcards From Home
Sally Anne Lomas

The Shed, 2a Cardiff Rd
9-10th July 1-5pm 

Postcard-sized original paintings by Sally-Anne Lomas. Celebrating time spent at home in the shed, coming to terms with Heidegger's concept of 'Dwelling in the Fourfold'. Or pottering. 

12 We're Burning, Man

44 Edinburgh Road
Saturday 5.30pm 

An opportunity for all visitors and artists to be in one place at one time. Including burning effigies. All invited. 

13 Throwaway
Desmond Brett

73 Heigham Road, Norwich
9-10th July, 11.00-18.00
(Advert to be placed in weekend EDP) 

'THROWAWAY' - Throw art away. A skip will be located on Heigham Road offering artists the chance to dispose of: Unwanted artworks; devalued objects; unrealised proposals; unecessary images; irrelevent ephemera; half realised projects; extraneous clutter and studio failures.

How precious are you about your practice? Do you hang on to lost causes in the studio? 

Contact: 07931 538 546 to arrange for work to be dumped in the skip. 

14 RomanceRomance
'RRVC' (internet tv home shopping channel)

the almighty internet (www.romanceromance.co.uk) + Outpost
9-10th July broadcasting LIVE between 1pm - 3pm 

People can donate items for sale prior to broadcast.
Consumers can phone in to purchase items live on air call 0845 0046842.
Promotional postcards available @ outpost. 

15 public sculpture innit!
Jonny JJ Winter

17 Neville Street
9Ð10th July

Installed public sculpture 

BAD publicity / good publicity
An anti-everything bid to instil a P2P marketing strategy between individuals. Self-promotion/merchandising starter kits will be available to visitors at some venues. Militate against cultural conglomerates.