Wysing, Outpost and Open School East have joined together to establish a new network for artists providing mutual support across generations. Artists at all stages of their career are looking to support each other and provide creative exchange and opportunities, at a pivotal time in the UK.
Our consortium has secured seed funding from Arts Council England’s Catalyst programme to administer this campaign. As a partnership of three organisations who have extensive experience supporting artists at a key stage in their career, this is a unique opportunity to amplify the impact of our work.
Our vision is to:
-Create a connected and supportive network of artists across generations.
-Give time, space and money – all of which are under threat – to enable artists to fulfil their potential.
-Enable a flourishing culture of support where established artists and patrons can actively advocate the need to support the next generation of artists.
-Support artists to be artists.
-Amplify mentoring, networking and exhibiting opportunities for artists at an early stage of their career.
-Ensure artists remain at the centre of everything we do.

Outpost event